Here is an overview of our services

Web development

· Complete website or update of your current website
· Shop
· Funnels
· Reservation / order system
· Online support (CRM)
· Mobile app
· Personalized management system (ERP)


Various analyzes (market analysis, keywords, audiences for advertising, SEO, etc.)

Personalized training (we can help you master Shopify for example)

Coaching / support (sometimes you need someone who understands what you're doing with whom to talk to in order to move forward and achieve your goals)

Advertising & Marketing

We design tailor-made marketing plans for your business to create such a positive and satisfying "customer experience" for your customers that they will tell their friends and business partners about you.

Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, even traditional media are used when needed. The important thing is to reach YOUR future customers.

Our works

About Martinternet

Martinternet was founded in 2011. Our goal is to help SMEs with the web. Website design being the basis, we have developed, with a long-time partner, a reliable solution and a simple process for creating your website. This way you can focus on your business instead of the web related issues.

Once the website is in place, we can manage the online advertising for you or simply guide or provide the necessary tools for your current marketing team. By no means is our goal to replace your current employees or partners, but rather to all work together to make your business a success.

Finally, for companies that want to go further, we also develop online stores with Shopify or personalized. We can help you set up a system for reservations, delivery, inventory management, GPS tracking of your vehicles, there is no limit to what we can do to help you automate your business and thus allow you to have the necessary tools to face the competition which it often uses automation.
For example, to provide better service with more frequent or detailed follow-ups or better prices because automation can allow you to do a lot more with the same amount of employees that you have right now. And in addition your employees will thank you because the work experience is always improved when you have a clear and simple system designed exactly for your business.

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